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5 Gardening Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Gardening ideas help maximize the potential of outdoor spaces. From creating simple veggie gardens to low maintenance terracotta planters, these simple gardening strategies can make an enormous impact.

Chalk paint can be used as an inexpensive solution for revitalizing garden furniture or sheds, whether its bright colours make an impactful statement or its subdued hues blend in seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor area.

1. Create a shady corner

Garden spaces that take advantage of shaded areas can make a substantial contribution to overall landscaping design. Selecting appropriate plants and hardscape elements can transform shady corners into tranquil retreats.

Fill shady areas with flowering shrubs such as rhododendrons and azaleas to add color and texture. For even more height, spread shade-tolerant vines like clematis or Virginia creeper up walls or fences for extra impact.

Kat suggests using plant colors to brighten a shady garden, with yellow-toned variegated cultivars or yellow-tinted foliage as the answer. Hosta ‘Patriot’ varieties, False Solomon Seal variegated cultivars, Holly Ferns and Heucheras would all work well as these options break up an ocean of green foliage.

To give a shady garden areas more purpose and add a sense of purpose, consider including seating spaces or garden structures like seating benches or structures as focal points, edibles such as herbs or compact vegetables like Little Miss Figgy dwarf fig (Ficus carica) or Golden Sentinel columnar apple (Malus domestica). These ideas can transform a backyard into an inviting retreat!

2. Create a living wall

Green walls add vibrancy and visual interest to any garden and are an eye-catching alternative to fences or large planters. Combine different plants for texture and color or select one species for a consistent look; for those not ready for such commitments, preserved moss walls may also work well as faux solutions.

An effective vertical garden depends on selecting plants that complement both its environment and your goals, such as herbs. Herbs tend to thrive in vertical gardens and can be regularly pruned back so they do not take over other vegetation in your vertical space.

Be mindful that true living walls require regular watering and pruning maintenance; also consider whether you will still be living there long enough to care for an actual garden installation; otherwise opt for prefab options (or simply stack planters) which are easily portable when moving homes.

3. Create a seating area

A thoughtfully planned seating area can make an impressive centerpiece in any garden, providing the ideal place for morning coffee before work starts or an after-dinner glass of wine at sunset. To give it that stylish edge, tie together different elements of the plan using subdued hues and materials that blend in nicely.

If space is at a premium, think vertical with your garden seating ideas. Climbing plants add both enclosure and color while attenuating noise or pollution pollution.

If you prefer something more contemporary, opt for a garden gazebo as a more modern take. Perfect for gossiping with the girls while protecting from showers or direct sunlight. Additionally, adding a fire pit makes summer nights warmer while serving as an effective heat trap! Plus gazebos make great places for growing vegetables and herbs for rewarding gardening ideas!

4. Create a water feature

Sounds of trickling water or bubbling fountains are soothing to both mind and spirit, creating an oasis in any garden. Sitting back after a busy day to admire a waterfall, pond or fountain can be the perfect way to unwind and unwind.

Fountains don’t need to be expensive; creating one doesn’t require professional engineering either! Simply stacking pots together or recycling an old sink or dresser are sufficient methods of creating one. This fountain was made with recycled watering cans – another way of recycling items at home while giving your garden an eye-catching design element.

A low, simple fountain such as this is ideal for small spaces. It blends seamlessly with rockery aesthetics while being easy to maintain compared to full-sized ponds. Koi fish add visual interest; use cool colored plants at the back and warm color ones in front for visual depth – this will make your garden appear larger and more engaging!

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