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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Modern Homes

Every homeowner wants to have a nice bathroom where they can clean themselves after a long and tiring day. Thankfully, it’s not really hard to upgrade a bathroom, especially if you don’t have to change the layout or make plumbing adjustments. There are a ton of things you can do to your bath.

For starters, you can add new features. Jack and Jill sinks, bathtubs, state of the art shower and toilet, and spacious shelving are just a few of the key features that people love seeing in a bathroom. Besides that, there are other upgrades that you can include to your bathroom renovation. Check out al the awesome renovation ideas as you read through the next section.

Opt for a more up-to-date shower

If the only separation between the compartments of your bathroom is a thin piece of shower curtain, then you should consider adding a frameless shower enclosure. This type of enclosure looks very chic and modern. And because it doesn’t come with thick metal framing, it can seamlessly blend into your existing bathroom interior design.

Retile your bathroom

Nothing can spruce up a bathroom more effectively than replacing the old tiles. Sure, it would mean a lot manual labour work, but it will pay off greatly at the end of the day. If you are looking to create an illusion that it’s a more spacious area, you can use light coloured tiles. For the walls, you should pick larger pieces of tiles. While for the flooring, you can make use of smaller ones, such as the hex tiles.

Say yes to better lighting

Happy with how your bathroom looks like, but feel like there’s something missing? You should think about replacing the lighting fixtures. To accentuate the walls, you can use wall-mounted vanity lights. If your current bathroom lighting looks unflattering, consider installing LED or Halogen bulbs. You can also install edge lighting around the mirror for better illumination when you’re getting ready for work.

Try heated flooring for a change

Plenty of top-dollar homes have heated flooring in the bathroom. That’s because it provides homeowners absolute comfort especially during super cold days. It can be quite an expensive add-on, but it’s a worth-it investment for ageing people or those who have very sensitive feet. While you can attempt to set it up yourself, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional to avoid costly repairs.

Better and bigger storage options

Tired of looking a cluttered bathroom? Most of the time, bathroom clutter is caused by the lack of quality and spacious storage spaces. So, if you want to keep everything neat and tidy, you should definitely invest in additional storage. For cramped bathrooms, you should opt for hanging shelves. This will allow you to maximise the available square footage. If space is a non-issue, you can buy bathroom cabinets equipped with a lot of drawers. Upgrading a bathroom can cost a lot of money depending on how many add-ons you will include to your plan. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to shell out money all at once. You can plan different phases for the renovation so that you can set a more reasonable and achievable timeline and budget.

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