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Choosing Bedroom Curtains

Get an elegant look in your bedroom by adding curtains made of heavy fabrics such as velvet. Not only can these add luxuriousness, they are also useful for keeping sunlight at bay if your room looks out onto a street.

Linen bedding is another stylish, eco-friendly choice that helps prevent odors.

Light Filtering

Consider how much light control and purpose of the room when selecting window treatments. Bedrooms and home theaters usually benefit from darkening curtains which block out most sunlight to create a darker ambiance.

If privacy isn’t top of mind, light filtering fabrics may provide adequate light filtering in living rooms and kitchens. Lightweight sheer materials diffuse incoming sunlight for a soft glow that adds an attractive ambient glow.

By employing layered curtain designs, it’s possible to strike an ideal balance between light control and privacy. Allow sunlight in through sheer panels during the daytime before closing solid curtains at night for more privacy.


Curtains help set the atmosphere in any room by adding colour, texture and pattern. In addition, curtains act as an important barrier against heat or air passing in or out, keeping your space cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

Select curtains made of fabrics that complement your wall colors to add depth and visual consistency. In this bedroom, James Hare’s blush pink textured weave drapes add depth while also seamlessly merging traditional and contemporary styles.

Choose thermal bedroom curtains for added insulation, as these drapes feature acrylic foam or aluminium layers on their reverse that help prevent heat loss and drafts. To maximise their insulating capabilities, hang close to window frames and ceiling.

Polyester bedroom curtains offer an economical choice that are easy to maintain and can help deter dust and odors while remaining flame retardant; however, be aware that they may absorb unpleasant scents over time.


Bedroom curtains serve an important function: providing privacy. By blocking passersby from seeing inside your home and belongings, they ensure they remain private while also blocking daylight during daytime hours from seeping in through gaps between panels.

Choose fabric that complements the style of your interior design scheme. Natural materials like linen are excellent choices for creating an informal aesthetic while velvet adds luxuriousness to any bedroom design.

Your curtain length can have an enormous effect on privacy. Kissed curtains gently touch or “kisses” the floor while floated curtains float above your window sill and are slightly longer than actual window height.

Layer opaque and sheer curtains to take advantage of both options for maximum versatility, as displayed by this bedroom designed by Buzzi & Buzzi. Doing this creates a striking look while helping regulate sun’s movements during the day and ensure your sleep-wake cycle doesn’t become disturbed.


Selecting the ideal curtains can set the scene and add flair to any bedroom. Choose from an array of textures, colors, patterns and designs to complement your room decor or make a bold statement. Swags and window scarves also add decorative flair while providing light control, privacy protection and insulation benefits.

To create a peaceful look, opt for off-white or neutral curtains with earthy textures such as linen. Their crisp color and woven material draw attention upward, heightening high ceilings in this space. Incorporating green ribbon trim adds another element of accent from bedding into this design scheme to complete it.

Alternatively, for curtains that stand out more, consider selecting bold fabric like velvet or silk in bold hues like blue, grey, bright reds or other vibrant hues that complement your bedroom decor. Or if you prefer more subdued colors for your curtains to blend in more easily, pick ones in shades or patterns that complement wall colors instead.

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