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Creative DIY Garden Decor Ideas

After you have planted your flower beds and vegetable garden, now’s the time to add an extra touch. These creative DIY garden decor ideas can make this fun and easy!

Garden markers make your space beautiful while also helping you identify herbs, vegetables and flowers. Learn how to make decorative rock garden markers at First Day of Home.

Mason Jar Lid Sun Catchers

Enhance the mood of your garden at night with this creative outdoor lighting idea from Sara of Bitz and Giggles. She uses old jars for this clever upcycle project, which can easily be tailored to suit any decor style or theme.

Pressed flowers are stunning but it can be difficult to find creative ways of displaying them. These adorable mason jar lid sun catchers make an easy summer craft project for kids!

Strawberry Stones

Red paint strawberry rocks to attract birds away from your plants and use a toothpick dipped into School Bus yellow acrylic paint color to make foliage for each one of them.

Utilize an outdoor sealant to safeguard your new garden decor ideas against rain and sun exposure, creating a decorative garden accent for you and your guests to appreciate.

Old Hubcap Flowers

Your outdoor spaces deserve beautiful decor that stands out, and finding that special piece can bring great satisfaction. Even better when that item was handcrafted!

Turn old hubcaps into beautiful garden art that will garner plenty of compliments – also an effective use for all those plastic hubcaps lying around your dad’s garage! This project can also serve as an opportunity for him to get rid of those plastic hubcaps lying around there too.

Faux Books

Faux books make a versatile decor piece. Their neutral aesthetic and blank interior pages make them an excellent way to stage or decorate any home or other applications.

Your options include various sizes, shapes, and covers allowing you to achieve a truly personalized look for your space. Try stacking them tall on end tables for height variation.

Decorated fake books can be used to conceal concealed entranceways or keep routers and cords out of sight.

Birdhouse Stones

An artistic birdhouse will delight both children and adults, but success hinges upon choosing the ideal frame before adding stones for decoration – once stones have been set it may become difficult or impossible to alter them later on.

Enhance a garden with recycled materials from salvage shops, gardening centers, or curbside giveaways by using sealants that can withstand outdoor elements to glue them together.

Glass Stone Garden Balls

Garden art adds an appealing flourish to any landscape design, adding both color and whimsy without breaking the bank. DIY projects offer affordable solutions.

These whimsical garden mushrooms can be easily made using recycled items. Perfect for children as well as adults.

Such decorative garden ornaments as yard globes, gazing balls or glass spheres are commonly known as garden globes or gazing balls – usually hanging or set upon pedestals for display in your garden.

Rock Bugs

An outdoor rock garden can create a personalized space, tailored specifically for you. Painting rocks to look like bugs adds a whimsical element that brings fun into the design process.

Pill bugs, doodle bugs or woodlice are insects that have the ability to blend in seamlessly with rocks by hiding among their surroundings. Paint these creatures with glow in the dark pebbles for extra glow at night!


Fountains can add the soothing sound of flowing water to any garden space, whether freestanding or mounted. Their relaxing sound adds tranquility while their decorative element adds beauty. This water feature makes any area special.

Power User Tip: Leading tabs are ignored by Fountain, so to force it to single space, or use, use [[]. It is safe for use with Action elements – please refer to the documentation for more details.

Pet Rock People

Gary Dahl, an advertising copywriter from California, came up with the Pet Rock idea while out drinking with friends. His thought process behind it was that caring for it would be simpler than maintaining real pets who require feeding, walking and cleaning up after.

Dahl made millions off of Pet Rock sales; it also inspired other eccentric toy ideas like Red China Dirt and an Official Sand Breeding Kit.

Mason Jar Lid Wind Chimes

Add some charm and decoration to pressed flowers and natural objects by crafting this fun wind chime! Just collect an assortment of mason jar lids and caps, trace them onto contact paper or tape, then fill with everything from pebbles to flowers!

Tie them to an embroidery hoop with twine or fishing line, creating an eye-catching centerpiece that sways in the breeze and will provide a soothing sound as the breeze passes over it. This will be sure to turn heads!

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