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Extra storage spaces which you can obtain in your house

Some times with our busy schedules we might not be able to realize the extra storage space which we might be having in our apartments. Now it is very easy to increase and maximize the space for storage without shifting to any new place. The only thing which you need to do is to look for the particular places where you might get some space for extra storage. The following are the most common places which you can find in your apartments and where you can get storage space. You might have either one or two spaces which have been listed here in your apartments.

  • Over the kitchen cabinets: most of them might be wondering what they can do with the extra space over the kitchen cabinets. Now you can make use of the space above your kitchen cabinets in the most appropriate ways. These are not just meant to store your party stuff which you might need just once a year. It all depends on you what you would wish to put on the shelves. It won’t just give you an extra space for storage but would also enhance the appearance of your kitchen. The following are the various ways to optimize shelves in your kitchen in the most creative way.

•    Inside windowsill: if you have a window which has the deep casements then you can add a shelf or more to it. You can either arrange a set of glassware or can place plants in pots. The glassware would be a great option as they would allow the light to stream through it and let the natural light reach your kitchen.

•    Airspace: you can actually screw a hook into the ceiling where you can either hang shelves, seating or bikes. It’s the best way of storage, especially of your dreams.

•    Behind couch: when the couch is in the middle of the room, you can place a console behind it and can place your kid’s toys, extra dishware and more.

•    Inside the shower: don’t worry even if you aren’t having a linen luxury closet but have a little space in the standing shower, make sure to have a roomy stool. This has to be placed a little away from the nozzle.

In this way, you can now get extra storage space from the same place which you have without investing huge amounts in buying a new apartment or place.

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