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Give Your Bathroom a Facelift With New Floor Tiles

If a complete bathroom overhaul is out of the question, consider giving your space an instant makeover by reglazing existing floor tiles with new designs or materials that offer something for every taste. There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to flooring reglazing!

Consider different tile shapes too – hexagons and other tessellating designs create a striking visual. Additionally, textured tiles add grip for greater stability and reduced risk of slips.


Ceramic tiles make an excellent flooring choice because they resist scratching, staining, and water damage. You can easily sweep or mop away dirt, spills and scuffs quickly. Plus, ceramic tile floors hold up well against humidity without warping like wood floors would.

Ceramic tile comes in an array of colors and patterns to fit every style, thanks to modern printing technology. Thanks to this option, there are even styles that mimic concrete, wood or marble!

Ceramic floors are both cost-effective and approachable for DIY installation, and make a good option for homeowners who wish to do their own installation. While ceramic may feel cold underfoot, radiant floor heating could help mitigate this discomfort.


Porcelain tile material is among the hardest and densest available, making it ideal for heavy traffic environments that experience moisture like bathrooms, patios and foyers. Due to its low water absorption rate it remains unscathed by steam, slush or melting snow which would damage other tile types.

Porcelain tiles are stain- and scratch-resistant, making them great for use around a kitchen sink or counter top, as well as offering stylish colors and styles ranging from neutral hues that don’t compete with surrounding furnishings, to veined marble look-alikes and wood-look slabs reminiscent of natural hardwoods but without their maintenance requirements.

Given its density, porcelain tile can be more costly to produce and install. To verify its genuineness, look for the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) label and assess water absorption rates; authentic porcelain tiles should absorb less than 0.5% of their weight in 24 hours and feature “through-bodied” features with color running all the way through them thereby concealing chips or scratches in its surface.


Bathroom floors provide an opportunity to add decorative flair and character to your space with mosaic tiles, which feature various patterns and designs to bring life to the floor design. Mosaics may also serve as border accents when used against larger wall tile designs or floor patterns that include more of them.

Herringbone patterns are an easy and versatile way to add texture and pattern to your bathroom, and work great whether your aesthetic leans traditional or modern. Plus, their neutral appearance means they work equally well in smaller spaces as they visually open up the room!

Marble-inspired tiles offer an affordable option that mimics the real thing, like this porcelain California tile from Ca’ Pietra that adds luxurious flair to this bathroom. Intended to capture the veining and coloring found in natural onyx stone, they’re stylish yet durable – the ideal combination for this elegant HGTV bath!


Backsplashes provide wall surfaces with protection from damage and help to avoid mildew, mold and stain formation, adding creative design features to any room. Selecting one that complements both your style and budget is key.

Mosaic tile offers endless possibilities when it comes to designing an eye-catching backsplash. These small tiles come in an assortment of colors, textures, and finishes and are mounted on mesh sheets for easy installation. “Mosaics offer slip resistance due to an increase in grout lines,” according to Grazzie Wilson of Ca’ Pietra’s creative lead team.

Wood flooring may not be suitable for high humidity environments like bathrooms, but ceramic tile offers the look of warm wood without its maintenance issues. Desiree Burns Design created this bathroom featuring glossy white backsplash that matches both floor and backsplash tiles to achieve a seamless aesthetic; interesting patterned backsplash tiles add dimension and detail while modern hexagonal tiles by Mandarin Stone recreate picket fence patterns beautifully with its clean white vanity.

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