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How Bathroom Utensils Can Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom

Luxury bathroom utensils may seem like minor accessories, but they play an integral part in making your bathing experience pleasurable and hassle-free. By keeping essential towels close by when in the shower and at your wash basin basin they make for easier bathing sessions overall.

Towel rings, robe hooks and toilet paper holders are essential fixtures in any bathroom – they make your space feel more organized and clean!

Towel Rings

Towel rings provide a quick and convenient way of hanging hand towels near sinks in bathrooms. Additionally, these rings can also be mounted above toilets or next to showers for easy access.

To determine the ideal towel ring placement, it is important to consider factors like proximity to sinks and showers, wall space available, functional flow as well as user height and aesthetic considerations in the bathroom.

Wall Mounting

Most towel rings are wall-mounted, usually at 48″ off the floor to allow towels to hang freely without touching the ground. While this height may be suitable for most people, children or those with limited mobility may find it more challenging.

Counter or Vanity Mount

If space does not permit for wall-mounting of your towel ring, try mounting it directly on the vanity or counter instead. This solution works great in small bathrooms as it reduces how much room must be left available for other fixtures and accessories.

Robe Hooks

Robe hooks are an invaluable bathroom accessory that helps maintain order and reduce clutter in any washroom. Commonly used to hang clothing, robes and towels – and occasionally wall decorations or metal bathroom hooks as decorative touches – they make a better choice than pegboard hooks that frequently fall out. Robe hooks can also help organize tools that feature hooks integrated into their design such as glass cleaners, hairdryers, curling irons, loofahs or scissors.

Bathroom robe hooks can be an effective solution for small bathrooms with limited wall space, and are particularly handy in households where multiple people use one bathroom at the same time. A tiny bathroom may only have enough room for one 24-inch towel bar; yet this same space could accommodate three to four bathroom robe hooks! They’re also great for guest and kids’ bathrooms and can even be installed into dorm rooms to store clothing and belongings of guests who may be visiting.

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders (also referred to as dispensers) are an essential bathroom accessory that keeps tissue within easy reach and adds an aesthetic element to the space. Their sleek designs make them suitable for contemporary bathrooms.

Recessed holders integrate directly into the wall, saving space while creating a seamless look. Perfect for small bathrooms with limited wall space, recessed holders come equipped with covers to protect rolls from moisture damage and moisture intrusion.

Some wall-mounted toilet paper holders feature shelves to accommodate other bathroom necessities, like extra toilet rolls or air fresheners. This multipurpose design helps maximize small spaces by saving floor space.

Traditional toilet paper holders feature flowing curves and lines, perfectly complementing vintage or craftsman-style bathroom designs. Contemporary holders feature sleek geometric forms with modern finishes to bring dimension into modern bathrooms – they even accommodate larger rolls! For an out-of-sight aesthetic, tank mount holders may also be an elegant solution that hooks onto the tank of your toilet for easy storage.

Tissue Box Cover

Even small bathroom accessories can add style and elegance, such as tissue box covers. Tissue covers turn what would otherwise be an eyesore into an ornamental feature on your vanity while helping keep tissues dust-free and clean.

Tissue box covers can come in all sorts of styles. Some are made out of wood while others use metal. There’s sure to be one suitable for any bathroom design or color scheme and they’re very straightforward and straightforward to install.

If you prefer something with more elegant design, a leather cover might be your perfect solution. Not only is it classy and fits most standard-sized tissue boxes perfectly, but you can get different color options too. Kittol makes this available online so it is super simple and looks fantastic in your bathroom.

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