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How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets is an engaging way to bring life and personality into your home. Explore different decor items and combinations until you discover a design that satisfies both your personal taste and the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Be sure to select decor that can easily be cleaned or replaced if necessary. Grease and dust tend to build up on cabinetry tops, so your decor should be easy to wipe down.


Cookbooks make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen decor, whether they contain family recipes or simply look nice on their own. Not only are they functional as storage solutions but they can even help declutter countertops by keeping cookbooks off of the floor!

If you have the space, try creating an attractive cookbook display by placing them on a high shelf in an organized manner with bookends to keep their stacks upright and using color coordination to add visual interest. Bookends may be necessary to secure their positions but this creates visual harmony when using colors as theme.

For an elegant yet subdued display of cookbooks, use picture ledges or simple shelving units, such as wooden boxes. Or you could try placing your books inside rustic crates for an added rustic charm!


Decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets might not be top of mind for most people, but these hidden spaces can provide the ideal canvas to express one’s individuality and style. One Texas homeowner sought vintage pieces at thrift shops in order to add them to her country-style kitchen for an eye-catching display that perfectly complements its stain color and theme.

This farmhouse owner added a pop of blue to their kitchen using a combination of vases and covered jars with blue hues to her kitchen decor. She also displayed cross-stitch and word art wooden plaques in their stack.

Trailing plants such as philodendron or pothos are ideal for adding color and style to kitchen cabinets in rooms with plenty of natural light, providing an easy and elegant solution for adding decor colors while being low maintenance.

Cutting Boards

Wood cutting boards are one of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet decor items, adding warmth and farmhouse charm. They pair beautifully with other rustic or vintage accessories like wooden salad bowls or dough bowls.

Creative ways of displaying functional kitchen necessities vary as much as their homeowners. Displaying them horizontally against a wall or hanging them vertically makes an eye-catching statement while also providing easy access to these boards during meal prep. A hanging rack also makes for quick grab-and-go convenience!

Install a pull-out wood or wire rack inside of your cabinet doors to keep boards organized and out of sight while saving counter space and protecting boards from being knocked around accidentally. This storage solution protects boards from being damaged when people pass by.


Use boxes on top of your kitchen cabinets as another great way to both increase storage capacity and add aesthetic elements into the room. Choose boxes of various sizes and materials, arranged aesthetically together or even stacked for more height in your arrangement.

Solid wood cabinet boxes are less commonly used as they tend to warp with changes in humidity levels in a kitchen environment, therefore more commonly made of plywood or particle board.

Plywood is the superior option when it comes to sound construction and durability, featuring thicker veneers of wood which glue together in different grain patterns for increased strength. Particle board may be cheaper but many cabinet refacers shy away from it because its thinner surfaces do not hold screws as effectively.

Wall Art

Wall art may seem reserved for living rooms and bedrooms, but it can bring just as much energy to kitchens. Filling walls with an array of framed prints or canvases creates a striking and eye-catching appearance above cabinets that’ll get everyone talking.

If your wall is too tall for shelving, consider running peg rails along it to hang dishes, pitchers and baskets. Keep the look liveable by pairing an exotic mural with low-key kitchen ideas in neutral tones as well as cabinetry of similar hue.

Letter monograms or signs such as “Enjoy Leslie’s Cooking” can add style and flair to the walls in your kitchen with minimal expense and effort, providing easy transition as your family expands or your tastes change. Wall decor such as these are relatively cost-effective solutions for quickly adding personalization.

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