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How to Make a Galley Kitchen Work For You

A galley kitchen has several distinct features. First, it’s the name for the kitchen on a ship, aircraft, or train. The term can also refer to a land-based kitchen on a naval base. Secondly, it can refer to a simple kitchen design with a straight layout. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to imagine a galley as a space for preparing and cooking food. Here are some tips to make your galley kitchen work for you.

To maximize space in a galley kitchen, keep the walls uncluttered at eye level. This will make the countertop appear wider. Also, keep tall storage at the entrance to the room, where people’s eyes will naturally glance over it. Pale colors are also great for opening a long, narrow kitchen, as they reflect available natural light. Make sure you choose colors that enhance the overall look of the room. If possible, opt for neutral or light colors, such as cream or white.

For a galley kitchen with a traditional look, consider installing a long, open window in the space. The window provides a visual focal point and opens up the adjoining dining room. A peninsula creates a functional eat-in area. Adding a glass-front cabinet can add character and open up the space. Another way to open up a galley kitchen is to knock down a wall between it and the dining room.

Although a galley kitchen is small, it is often ergonomically more efficient than other kitchen layouts. This is because key services are clustered in the same area, which minimizes reaching and walking. When it’s time to call the plumber, they’ll be much easier to find and repair. The work triangle that a galley kitchen creates also makes it easier for plumbing contractors to do their jobs. If you have a galley kitchen, consider it for your next remodel.

Lastly, a galley kitchen won’t break the bank. According to Nathan Outlaw, president of Onvico, a design-build and general contractor, a galley kitchen will not blow your budget. Its design is functional, with two sets of cabinets, a simple rectangle countertop slab, and a basic layout that will allow you to work efficiently. This layout will leave more money for the newest faucet trends.

Because a galley kitchen is small, it can be difficult to create a cozy atmosphere. The key is to maximize storage space while maintaining a sense of openness. You can create an open feeling by opting for minimalist cabinets and using light colors. Additionally, you can use ambient lighting to create a feeling of space. As you can see, a galley kitchen is a great space-saving design for a small home. It also ensures that appliances and essential storage are easily accessible.

Choosing the right galley kitchen design is crucial. A galley kitchen is an excellent choice for a small home because it is functional and efficient. With two long, parallel runs of units and a walkway between them, the galley kitchen offers plenty of storage space and workspace. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen with more storage space but less counter space, a galley kitchen might be the perfect choice for you.

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