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Organize Your Wardrobe Using Drawers

A wardrobe closet is usually a large standing room closet designed for storing clothing. The earliest wardrobe was simply a small chest, which wasn’t until some level of fashionability was reached in the castles and palaces of wealthy noblemen that separate dressing accommodations were provided. The size, shape and layout of the wardrobe greatly increased over the years. Today’s wardrobes are designed to accommodate the modern home and can be purchased with several optional extras to increase functionality.

Wardrobes are usually fitted with several drawers and/or cabinets in order to store different pieces of clothing in separate sections. If you wish to create more space for storage you can remove some of the drawers or cabinets and make use of free standing cubes, hooks and racks. It’s important to remember that the purpose of a wardrobe is to store clothes, so make sure that essential pieces of clothing for everyday wear are nearby. If you plan on moving or altering your wardrobe over time, ensure that certain items are kept in their place and basic essentials should always be near the front. This will make it much easier for you to locate these items when you need them.

There are many essential items needed in a wardrobe that many years ago were not essential. These pieces include handkerchiefs, neckties, scarves, belts, jackets and shoes. You may have grown up wearing these items, but they are not necessary for everyday wear and could in fact, make you look unfashionable. In fact, many years ago they would have been considered trash and were thrown away with the rest of the clothes in the wardrobe. Now they have a new lease on life as they are considered necessary pieces and can be included in the design of a new wardrobe if necessary.

There are several ways that wardrobes can be organized within a home. The majority of people will include the main areas in the bedroom such as the bedroom, the wardrobe and bathroom. A good way to organize these three areas is to create a division between each area so that the most frequently used items are close at hand. In addition to this, additional space can be gained by adding drawers in each area, especially if many items such as dresses or suitcases are included in the wardrobe.

When using drawers in the bedroom for storing clothes they can be separated by type of garment and by season. For example, children’s clothing can be stored in a separate compartment that is not used on a daily basis, whereas suits and dresses should be stored together in the same area. Those who have many suitcases will benefit from having a spare top and bottom compartment in their wardrobe, but it is important to remember that you do not need to store every piece of clothing in its own drawer. Having separate drawers for different items can help to conserve space and allow many clothes to be conveniently stored.

One of the most popular locations to place wardrobes is in the hallway as this is one of the most used areas of any home. The wardrobe can be accessed from here and is also usually fitted with a door so that those storing clothes need not open the wardrobe to access their clothing. In order to gain maximum storage a wardrobe should be fitted with a combination of shelves and drawers. This will enable you to gain access to all areas of the wardrobe easily.

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