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Plant Hire Kent: Why Hiring Plant and Machinery Is the Wiser Choice at Present

Like many other major industries, the UK’s construction sector took a significant hit with the advent of the pandemic. The implementation of strict guidelines and restrictions pertaining to work, mobility, safety, and health had a substantial impact, particularly during the initial months of the outbreak.

However, there has been a notable improvement in recent months. According to an analysis report from IHS Markit, the construction industry has displayed gradual signs of recovery, and there is optimism that a return to normalcy may be on the horizon. Nevertheless, uncertainty still lingers, especially as new strains of the virus emerge in different parts of the world.

Initially, concerns centered around the African variant, and more recently, the authorities have been addressing the challenges posed by the Indian variant. Measures like surge testing, accelerated vaccination efforts, and localized restrictions are being deployed to minimize the spread of new cases.

As mentioned, while the construction industry is slowly rebounding, uncertainties persist. Several new construction projects, especially in the real estate sector, have already commenced. For companies overseeing these projects, there is both good news and cause for concern. On the positive side, construction materials are currently more readily available at favorable prices. However, with the pandemic’s shadow still looming, there is apprehension about the expected return on investment (ROI) for these projects.

In light of this uncertainty, it is prudent for companies managing these projects to minimize their expenses. One effective approach is to enlist the services of a reputable local plant hire company for quality machinery and equipment.

Even for larger construction firms, investing in costly construction equipment is not a feasible option, especially in the current climate. Hence, renting equipment is a smarter choice.

Why Opt for Plant and Machinery Hire?

Consider the costs associated with purchasing a digger, for instance. To acquire a brand-new digger or excavator, one would need to invest anywhere from £35,000 to £72,500, depending on the machine’s operating weight and digging depth capacity. In contrast, by choosing to hire a 1-2 tonne excavator from FGS Plant, a leading plant and machinery hire service in southeast England, you would pay approximately £150 per day.

FGS Plant Hire Kent offers a wide range of diggers and excavators, starting from those with an operating weight of 0.8 tonnes up to 21 tonnes. This is just one example of the equipment available. At FGS Kent Plant Hire, you can rent all the necessary plant and machinery required at various stages of your construction project, including dumpers, rollers, telehandlers, shovels, and various attachments such as rakes, augers, hydraulic brakes, grapples, and buckets. In essence, you can find everything needed for comprehensive construction projects.

Construction projects typically go through multiple phases, requiring different sets of machinery and attachments at different stages. Proper scheduling of tasks ensures that no equipment hired from us sits idle. You can rent machinery as needed, and we will transport it to the construction site according to your requirements. Additionally, when you opt for equipment rental, you need not be concerned about equipment maintenance.

In summary, opting for equipment hire instead of purchasing expensive construction machinery allows you to save a significant amount of money. Owning equipment makes sense for the largest construction firms handling multiple projects simultaneously. However, for most other firms, especially in these pandemic-affected times when projects are scarce, renting machinery is the practical choice.

For all your construction plant and machinery hire needs in the southeast of England, contact FGS Plant today. With our top-of-the-line equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, we are committed to delivering quality service and ensuring your satisfaction.

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