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Plastic Roof Sheets

Plastic roof sheets are strong, lightweight and easy to install. Additionally, they boast excellent insulating properties and UV ray protection.

These sheets offer an economical roofing solution in various colors to match different aesthetics, while being long-term and flexible – even making an imitation of glass or wood roof possible!


Plastic roof sheets are constructed of durable material that’s resistant to damage, yet much cheaper than concrete ones, making them an ideal option for outdoor projects like greenhouse or shed construction.

Greenhouses and sunrooms benefit greatly from polycarbonate roofing due to its excellent sunlight transmission rate, as well as being highly resistant to heat and cold, making it suitable for all climate conditions.

Acrylic roofing material commonly known as Plexiglas is another great option to consider for your roof. Transparent and UV blocking varieties exist. With its resilience against scratches and damage resistance, it makes this plastic an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to glass roofs. It is made up of recycled plastics which would otherwise end up as waste material.


Plastic roof sheets are lightweight and simple to install, making them popular options for garden buildings, garages and backyard sheds alike. Plus, their insulation properties help keep properties warm during the winter.

Polycarbonate roofs have become one of the most sought-after options, thanks to their superior UV ray protection, durability, ease of maintenance and variety of colours and finishes to fit into any design scheme.

Regenerated plastic sheeting is another eco-friendly roofing option. Constructed from recycled plastics collected during landfill cleanup, these recycled sheets offer similar properties to polycarbonate with the additional advantage of being affordable and making a visual impact. Similar properties can also be found in paver block stacking sheets which offer greater versatility in roof space utilization.


Plastic roofing sheets are highly resilient and designed to withstand even the harshest of climate conditions, from extreme heat or cold to rain, snow, hailstorms and fire hazard. Furthermore, these roofing sheets come equipped with warranties against UV radiation as well as being fire-resistant.

Insulators panels are fantastic insulators that can keep your home cool and quiet while helping direct water away from structures. Furthermore, they’re suitable for various applications including farmhouses, bungalows claddings and vehicle parking garages.

Polycarbonate plastic roof sheets offer numerous advantages over metal sheets for roof installation, such as not overheating on hot days and being resistant to freezing temperatures. Furthermore, their easy installation provides insulation against UV rays from the sun’s UV rays while their scratch resistance means they’re more chemical resistant and a great alternative. Therefore they make an excellent alternative choice.

UV Resistance

Plastic sheets protect buildings from intense summer heat, cold winter temperatures and snowfall, protecting interiors from rainwater damage as well as providing insulation benefits that help lower energy bills.

Polycarbonate sheets come equipped with UV protection layers on either side, making them an excellent choice for sunrooms and greenhouses.

Plastic roof sheets play an integral part in nurseries and plantations operations due to their light-communicating limit, providing the plants under them with sufficient sunlight for growth while at the same time protecting them from direct sunlight rays. It’s for this reason many homeowners opt for switching over from traditional roofing materials to plastic roof sheets as roofing material solutions.


Plastic sheets offer endless design possibilities and come in an assortment of colours, textures and finishes to find one to meet any aesthetic or project need. No matter the building style you envision for your garden space – from modernist structures to rustic ones – there is sure to be one suitable roof sheet available that matches perfectly your project!

Tile effect sheets, for instance, are designed to resemble clay shingles or tiles and offer an authentic traditional appearance. Meanwhile, multiwall polycarbonate sheets can be formed into unique enclosures for natatoriums that feel like outdoor settings while offering security and climate control similar to indoor spaces.

Bitumen roofing materials are an increasingly popular choice and are great choices for sheds, garages and lean-tos in rural settings as it acts as an excellent insulator and offers rustic charm that only becomes more charming with age. Additionally, bitumen provides more of a rustic aesthetic as an added feature which only gets better over time.

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