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Pro Tips on Choosing a Digger for Your Gardening Project

Have you just recently bought a home or built one in Kent? To improve its aesthetics, you are thinking of digging the yard to lay a new garden. Other than a gardener, you also need a digger to dig out the soil before the soil can be tested by the gardener as he or she also makes amendments to change the acidity or alkalinity of the soil before the seeds can be planted. The digging part of the gardening work can be done with a machine. It’s best to get a big machine as it can dig more in-depth than a small one.
However, using a big machine comes with its own challenges. For instance, it might be challenging to manoeuvre the machine into a typical back garden. For this reason, before choosing a plant hire Kent store and a digger, make sure you calculate the length and width of the property.

Micro diggers measure 800 millimetres in width, weigh a thousand kilograms, and are perfect for manoeuvring through narrow alleyways. With this machine, you can dig up to a depth of 2 metres.

Mini diggers, as the name suggests are a little bit bigger. They are one metre wide, weigh one thousand five hundred kilograms, and are capable of digging a depth of up to 2.5 metres. Also, because of their extra weight and engine size, these machines can lift more weight.

There are bigger diggers available too. However, we are going to discuss them because they are not very practical when it comes to typical home gardens.

What about the operator

If you have not used a digger before, you might find it a bit challenging to handle it initially. However, by simply sparing a couple of hours to learn the basics, you will be able to operate the machine. But if you do not have time for that, you can hire an operator along with the digger, something that will allow for first completion of the project. A mini digger costs about £125 inclusive of VAT to hire. Insurance cost is not covered in this amount. To hire an operator, you will have to part ways with £250 to £300 per day.

The national or local hire shop

You can rent a digger from a local hire shop. These shops typically offer lower prices, but they may fail to deliver the equipment on time. The national stores, on the other hand, are a bit expensive, but they often include insurance waivers and deliver the machine on time.

Therefore, when carrying out a gardening project, only choose reputable plant hire Kent stores. One of them is FGS Plant. Call their friendly and courteous staff on 01622 713930 or visit their website at https://www.fgsplant.co.uk/.

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