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Selecting the right marble tops for your kitchen

Before you think of buying a particular countertop it’s always important for you to know all about the marble tops so that you can choose the appropriate ones for your house. The marble countertops are one of the best options and especially the white marbles. You can find a wide range of shades and a variety of marbles to choose for your kitchen countertops.

Types of marbles: when it is about marbles, most of them think about the white and creamy shades of marbles but you can actually find hundreds of varieties of marbles available in the market. Though there are different colors of marbles available for kitchen, usually white marbles are suggested as acid itching would leave a white color mark over the marbles which might be very much visible over the colored ones.

Selecting the right marble slabs: the first thing which you need to know is that each marble is different and unique by itself. It is always better to have a single piece of marble top for your kitchen so that it would just look like the painting. If you have pieces make sure that they have been matched in the right way so that it would just look like a mirror.

Veining in marbles: you can even cut the marbles in such a way that you would get a sequence of the pattern. The designers do make use of vein cut as well as the striato so as to create a unique design for your kitchen slab.

Marble finishing: with the latest developments in technology, they can now create amazing finishing stones, which would include polishing and brushing of marble technology. The most common choice would always be the marble polish that would provide you with a glossy, or honed that would seem like a matte finish.

Edges of countertops: the marbles have also been famous for popular sculptures. These are easy to work with the tools. Though you might choose a wide range of options while going for countertop edges, it is always better to go for the eased edges which would remove the sharpness of the countertops.

Maintenance: it is important to make use of penetrating sealer while placing the countertops as it is important for long term performance of the countertops. But when you have the honed finish marbles, even the acid etched marks can be removed from with a scrub pad.

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