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Smart Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

In the construction industry, heavy diggers are indispensable. These diggers are used for excavating, digging, grading, demolition, earth moving and landscaping. Some of the most common ones are backhoes and excavators because they are very useful in construction sites. Heavy diggers are quite expensive and this is why people who need them prefer hiring to buying. Even when you opt for hiring, the cost of operating heavy diggers is quite high. However, you can reduce the cost of a heavy digger if you take the following steps.

1. Compare Prices Before you Hire

Now, you cannot go hiring a heavy digger without doing a bit of window-shopping first. Different firms offer the same equipment at different prices. For this reason, you should compare prices before you commit yourself to any firm. Choose the one that offers you good prices and you will save money.

Get a hiring service with flexible packages.

Choose a company that offers customers different types of equipment. For instance, you need an excavator as well as a bulldozer. Now, getting both from the same company will cost less than getting each from a different outfit.

Ensure that your total package comes with all the equipment you need as well as attachments. In case you want attachments like buckets, grapples, augers and grading blades you should get them from the same outfit. If you hire them separately, you will be charged extra and this is not in the interest of your cost-saving plan.

Take all the factors above into account and ask for quotes from different firms. Do not settle for the lowest price but choose the one that meets all your expectations at a reasonable price.

2. Get a Serviced Digger

Do not ever hire a heavy digger if the equipment was not serviced before you hire it. This is because if the digger breaks down while you are using it, you will pay for the repair and this will cost you good money. You can avoid this expensive inconvenience by insisting the digger you want to hire is serviced before you make the deal. If fact, you should inspect the heavy digger to ensure all the parts are working before you hire it.

Pay close attention to important areas like the under carriage, the hydraulic system and the electrical system. You should also ensure that the attachment system and all the controls are working perfectly. If you verify that these components are in good working order, you will not incur additional expenses from a faulty heavy digger.

3. Hire an Experienced Operator

If you think hiring an operator means you are incurring additional cost, you should reconsider this. In fact, hiring an experienced operator will even save you money because this expert will use the equipment properly. In case the hiring company offers an operator to go with the equipment, you should take up the offer.

Here’s one more reason to hire the operator provided by the hiring firm. If this operator damages the equipment, you will not be held liable for the damage. The plant hire company will bear the cost of repairing the equipment.

Final Thoughts

Plant hire is a vital service for all earthmoving and construction projects and the tips above should guide you when you are hiring a heavy digger. You can simply get in touch with us at FGS Plant and we will supply all your equipment needs. We offer a free quote on request and our prices are competitive. Talk to us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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