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The Essential Questions You Should Ask Yourself when Selecting an Accent Chair for Your Space

An accent chair isn’t only practical in that it can provide your space – whether it’s your living area, your foyer, your bedroom, or even your dining area or kitchen – with an extra seat, it’s also a brilliant way to add extra dimension to your space and make it look attractive and personable. Accent chairs are also great at giving a room a style reference, and they can add colour to your particular space as well. But when you are on a quest for the perfect accent chair, there are some essential questions you should ask yourself. So what are these questions? Let’s find out.

  1. How will I – or anyone else – use the accent chair?

The first question you should ask yourself is how you – or anyone else, for that matter – will use the accent chair. You should nail down the function of your accent chair as it will help guide you in your other choices, such as the style of the chair, the fabric or material, its level of comfort, and its durability. Are you looking, for instance, for an armchair that’s plush and cushy which you can use for relaxation in the evenings, or are you looking for a chair that will not often be used but which can give a splash of colour to your entryway or foyer?

  • Where am I planning to place the accent chair?

Another essential question to ask yourself would be where you are planning to place the accent chair. This will also affect the chair’s style and type. If you are planning to use your accent chair as extra seating in a breakfast nook or dining table, make sure it adheres to the overall seat heights, shapes, and sizes of the other chairs in the space. If you are thinking of using the accent chair as seating in your living area, you would want to think about how it would relate to the other chairs that are already in the room and the other pieces of furniture in the area as well.

  • What size should I choose for my accent chair?

The third critical question would be the size of your accent chair. This often goes hand in hand with the placement of your chair. If you are thinking of adding modern chairs to an area with existing pieces of furniture, you have to make sure that it can relate to the other furniture in terms of scale and size. If you are aiming to have a more cohesive look in your home, measure your existing pieces of furniture and note down their height, particularly in terms of the seat as well as the back of the seat. You can then use this as an estimate for the size of accent chair to choose.

  • Which materials are best for my accent chair?

You should also carefully weigh UP the materials you think would be the best choice for your accent chair. Think about how you want to use the accent chair and the kind of mood or feeling you want to evoke or create. Synthetic and natural leather are a lot more durable and perfect for everyday use compared to more delicate fabrics such as velvet, for example. Other materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood, are easy to clean, which makes them excellent options for dining areas or kitchens.

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