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Why a Floor Bed is a Good Alternative to a Crib

Floor beds give your child the independence and freedom they need to get up when they want and go about their day independently, an essential principle of Montessori method which encourages children to develop self-confidence from an early age.

Cribs may restrict your baby’s movement, which can result in frustration during sleep time. A floor bed gives them freedom to explore and satisfy their curiosity more efficiently.

It’s a great learning experience

Montessori principles emphasize giving small children autonomy over their decisions and developing sleep independence, and floor beds can be an excellent way to do just this for those babies not yet ready to move onto toddler beds.

Babies sleeping on floor beds have the freedom to choose whether or not they want to play or nap independently, which gives them an enhanced sense of control and promotes self-soothing.

Utilizing a floor bed helps your child develop gross motor movements that might otherwise be difficult in a cot, especially during early years when learning skills such as rolling over, sitting up and pulling themselves up. Keep in mind that they may fall out from time to time; just ensure the room is properly babyproofed with no objects within reach that could pose potential safety threats.

It’s a safe place to sleep

A floor bed can provide an alternative solution to cribs that offers greater safety for your children, with less chance of them injuring themselves if they roll off it than from a crib, while still learning how to self-soothe without calling out for you. Just be sure that all safety guidelines are observed, including covering outlets, securing furniture to walls and eliminating small choking hazards from the room.

While floor beds can provide safe sleeping solutions for most children, some toddlers may require more focused wind down rituals or signs that it’s time for restful restful slumber. While this should not be discouraged as part of normal learning processes; most likely a floor bed provides the ideal sleeping solution.

It’s a great place to play

Floor beds allow children to move around freely and are an excellent way to build gross motor skills as they learn how to navigate safely around a room. Furthermore, children can access and exit their bed independently which increases their sense of independence.

Children sleeping on floor beds can more easily see their surroundings than those sleeping in cots with bars that obscure their view; therefore, they’re less likely to fall out and cause serious injuries.

Of course, your toddler may still fall off his or her bed from time to time; however, that doesn’t have to be seen as something negative; by rolling off they will experience what it feels like close to the edge and how to move away from it, as well as gain more knowledge of their environment and how best to interact with it.

It’s a great place to nap

A floor bed can provide children with freedom and space to explore their environment while sleeping safely, helping them develop a sense of ownership over their environment and encouraging curiosity and independence. Furthermore, sleeping on a floor bed keeps your child from rolling off into dangerous territory-though you should still take measures such as babyproofing outlets to keep him or her protected while resting.

Floor beds also remove the need to transfer your baby from their crib to another sleeping surface such as a bassinet or co-sleeper – one of the more challenging parts of sleep training that often leads to night time and nap time struggles.

Although a floor bed allows your child to share your room and sleep in close proximity, it isn’t suitable for every baby. Many younger infants can be highly mobile and require something with more mobility than just a crib.

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