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Different Types of Microwaves for Your Kitchen Needs

Your kitchen deserves a good microwave. This amazing appliance, whose origin dates back to the 1940’s, is perhaps among the most frequently used devices in your kitchen due to its facility to reheat food quickly besides cooking few items. There are several options when it’s time to choose a microwave, so this article listed down the options which you can avail when you are planning to buy a new microwave.

As a comparatively new invention, microwaves initially seemed like a luxury, but in modern day lifestyle, this is more of necessity for most of us. In fact, 97% of US households have one. Since its average life expectancy of about 7-12 years, at some point, every household will need to purchase a new one. It is not only necessary to replace the old ones but the newer versions also come with plenty of pre-programmed cooking modes while earlier ones are mostly used to reheat foods. Moreover, the new microwaves are far more energy efficient than they used to be decades ago.

There are four types of Microwaves which are most commonly used.

1. Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwaves are the most regular type of microwave you will find. This microwave is mainly popular because it is easy to buy in every appliance shops, and also easy to set up. There is practically no installation required, you can just plug in the appliance and start cooking.

2. Over-the-Range Microwaves

Over-the-range microwaves are installed directly above the stovetop or cooking range. These microwaves generally are installed flush amongst the kitchen cabinets, so it perfectly blends with the rest of the kitchen. However, most of these microwaves come with a light fixture at the base of it which helps light up the cooking surface down below.

3. Built-in Microwaves

Besides Over-the-range microwaves, there are plenty of other Built-in options as well. In fact, this type of microwave is perfect for you if you are remodelling your kitchen space as they come with a custom cabinet designed or if you prefer a drawer-style microwave. You can place install them anywhere depending on your kitchen layout.

4. Convection Microwaves
A convection microwave offers a totally different style of cooking food. It functions as an oven using high heat temperatures to cook food along with an internal fan to circulate the air. But other microwaves utilize electromagnetic waves to heat food from the inside out.

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