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Options for a Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobe That Fits Your Needs

Consider yourself lucky if you have all the space you need in your bedroom. Many people have to contend with limited or cramped bedrooms, while others have irregularly shaped free areas where standard bedroom furniture will not fit. 

If you want to have all the storage space you need and still achieve a beautifully organized bedroom, why not consider a bespoke bedroom wardrobe? When you have custom-made bedroom furniture, you can choose what fits your lifestyle, budget, the clothes you have, and the size of your room. You can maximise the use of all available space that can even make your bedroom look bigger than it is. 

Bedroom wardrobe choices

Living spaces are getting smaller, and the trend today is to have small bedroom wardrobes that can accommodate various items. Since the type of wardrobe depends on the needs of a person, the style may differ significantly.

Fitted wardrobes

The thing about a fitted bedroom wardrobe is that it is directly built into your room. Therefore, it is suitable for smaller bedrooms where available space is limited. Fitted wardrobes allow you more freedom in bedroom design as you can customise your storage options according to your needs. It can occupy the entire wall of your room, and you can choose the style, design, and finish that will fit the rest of your bedroom interior. 

Sliding Doors

With sliding doors on your fitted wardrobe, you can do not need additional space. It’s a good option when your room has an odd-shaped wall space or an alcove. Using bespoke sliding doors, your wardrobe will have a stylish look that can fit into the available area because you do not need space to open closet doors.

Mirrored bespoke wardrobes

Your room will look more prominent with a mirrored wardrobe. Likewise, it adds glamour to a bedroom. Your room will look brighter, as well. The mirrors are attached to the wardrobe doors, so you do not need additional wall space for the mirrors. If there is more room, you can opt for wardrobe doors that swing-out. Otherwise, you can save space by having mirrored sliding doors on your bespoke wardrobe.

Free-standing wardrobe

If you like the idea of having a custom wardrobe that you can move around, you can choose a free-standing bespoke wardrobe. You can order a pre-assembled one. Or you can select a flat-pack one that you can assemble later. See to it that the clothes rail is the right height for your clothes. It’s a good option if you need storage space, possibly for clothes that you use seasonally.

Walk-In wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is pricey, but it is the ultimate in luxury. This type of wardrobe typically requires another room, such as an unused bedroom adjacent to the one you’re currently using or ample space inside your room that you can convert into a walk-in wardrobe. Explore the available options before you purchase a wardrobe. If you want a fitted bedroom wardrobe, choose a trustworthy contractor who is willing to work with you.

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